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Do you have a quilt blog?  Would you like to share your free quilt pattern with the rest of the world? Submit your quilting tutorial by filling out the form below.      Make sure you provide the url to the pattern tutorial.                                                        Along with your best image (2 images allowed).                                                                                  We link direct from the quilt image to your quilt tutorial.

Image Requirements

Images must be jpeg min 300×300/max1200x900                                                                             No watermarks (we will put your domain name below your image)                            Allow 7 days for review and submission

Additional recommendations                                                                                                                          Make sure the domain url link provided matches the quilt image tutorial.              Cloaked or shortened (bitly) urls are not accepted.                                                                            All quilt images and quilting tutorials must meet our staff’s quality standards to be added.

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